• Descritption

    A mix for preparing sponge cake dough with yoghurt powder. Easy to prepare. The finished product made using the mix has a suitable moisture level. Jogocity is excellent with fruits and pudding. It provides a unique, tasty flavour of the finished cake.

  • Packaging

    20 kg bag

  • basic recipe


    • Jogocity – 1000 g
    • Eggs – 400 g
    • Oil – 350 g
    • Water – 60 g

    Mix all ingredients for 2 minutes with medium revolutions until you get a smooth consistency. Then form: pats, decorative cakes, pound cakes and muffins.
    Baking time: 150º bottom i 180ºtop
    Baking time: 35 min. or longer depending on the thickness of the cake.

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