Shortcrust pastry – salty

Shortcrust pastry – salty
  • Descritption

    The dough has a wide range of applications both in confectionery and catering. Once baked, the dough quickly becomes crunchy and remains fresh for a long time. The advantage of the product lies in the possibility of preparing it in a variety of ways. By forming sticks from the dough and sprinkling them with seasoning an excellent snack is created, which can be served e.g. with dips. Another idea is to add seasonings such as caraway seed, oregano or sesame and poppy seeds – such diversity of additions enables one to prepare a variety of cookies using one mix. The dough is ideal for tarts. The salty flavour harmonizes perfectly with all kinds of fish or cheese pastes, etc. – here, there is also freedom in the preparation of the composition.

  • packaing

    10 kg bag

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